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DV065 fits true to size.


  • Sliders in lamb suede
  • Fossil motif debossed on the upper
  • Fully lined in lambskin
  • Sole in 100% leather
  • DV065, also knows as ‘chinelos’ in South America, is a type of footwear favoured by many in the countryside and smaller cities of South Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay
  • These sliders are hand-made and crafted from tobacco lamb suede, which is an ultra luxurious type of suede
  • DV065 is entirely lined in super soft subtle lamb leather
  • A custom-made die resembling the exact fossil of a dinosaur was created for this original design. Using the hot stamp technique, the fossil motif is debossed on the suede to look like a palaeontology dig site. Please note that like in a dinosaur dig site where certain bones leave a deeper mark on the soil than other bones, different pairs of DV065 Jurassic may present slight variations in the depth of the debossing. That's a design feature caused by tiny variations on the direction of the fibres of the suede
  • The sole is actually hand-made too. The insole and the outer sole are made from leather, same case of the heel. The latter is made from layers of cut, trimmed and sanded leather sheets, which are mounted onto a leather base to form the finished sole.
  • To avoid stains from liquids and dirt, we recommend the use of a leather protective spray that helps to keep dirt away and serves as a water repellent
  • We would advise against the use of any cleaning products containing solvents, which might affect the surface finishing on the leather
  • Gently wipe the product with a soft damp cloth and allow to air dry away from direct heat
  • Avoid contact with liquids containing alcohol or solvents, as this will cause irreversible damage to the surface of the leather
  • Should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat